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PowerSeek SQL is an innovative Search Engine & Web Directory Software solution. It has been designed to be very easy to use and to put you in total control with the creation and running of your own Search Engine & Directory Portal. It is mission critical and extremely flexible so that it delivers no matter how demanding the task. PowerSeek SQL is modeled after the Web Directories of Yahoo and Dmoz.org, but it is much more robust and flexible so that many other kinds of Search Engines & Web Directory Portals can be built with it.

The traditional way of creating a Search Engine & Web Directory Portal would normally involve huge amounts of programming, finances and effort. With PowerSeek SQL you don't need any programming skills or thousands of Dollars! PowerSeek SQL is a Search Engine & Web Directory Software solution that let's anyone build a powerful, flexible and full featured Search Engine & Web Directory Portal with minimum expense and effort. No matter your level of technical expertise. If you have basic webmaster skills and can edit and work with web pages then you can build your own powerful, feature-packed Search Engine & Web Directory Portal with ease.

PowerSeek is Search Engine & Web Directory Software that will let you create almost any kind of niche or specialized Search Engine & Web Directory Portal. It is extremely flexible and customizable. It will easily let you create Local Business Directories, Yellow Pages Directories, Real Estate Directories, Travel Directories, Article Directories, Software Directories or Repositories, Image Galleries, Product Catalogues, or almost any other kind of Directory or Catalogue. PowerSeek SQL can also be used as a CMS (Content Management System) to build mega-content sites with. PowerSeek is the Search Engine & Web Directory Software especially created to have an unlimited amount of uses.

The highly intuitive interface is mostly self explanatory and enables you to literally start building your Search Engine & Web Directory within minutes after installation. It has been created to be a Search Engine & Web Directory software solution for people with no programming skills. From start to finish!

PowerSeek SQL comes with Income Generating Features to ensure that anything you build with it is profitable. It also comes with SEO features to attract the maximum traffic possible. There is also a 'static' mode where the entire Directory can be generated as HTML files ensuring maximum page load speeds and pages that are friendly to Search Engines. Also included are social features to promote it socially and to let users socially interact with your Search Engine & Web Directory creation. It comes with many, many features that has been developed over many years to be a complete Search Engine & Directory Software solution - no matter how demanding the project or task.

PowerSeek SQL is a feature rich, out-of-the-box Search Engine & Web Directory Software solution. It consists of a very large number of features to ensure that everything you need is there and to ensure that it is very flexible. All features has been structured to be self-explanatory and to be seamlessly managed with ease. The online Demos & Examples will give you a good feel of what PowerSeek SQL has to offer.

Over many years of development, PowerSeek SQL has been transformed into a true 'Power-house' of tools, all put together with great care to set new standards in Search Engine & Web Directory Portal building. PowerSeek SQL is the Search Engine & Web Directory Software solution designed for people who are serious in building successful Search Engines & Web Directory Portals.

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Overview of Key Features:
PowerSeek SQL comes with a very large amount of features to ensure that it's a Search Engine & Web Directory Software solution that provides you with everything you need - all in one place. Listed below is a short overview of PowerSeek's key features. You can find a more detailed list of features by clicking here.


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PowerSeek SQL Version 6.0.3

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Income Generating Features:

  • Premium Links - Sell premium link listings. Many flexible options available. Find out more.
  • Built-in Advert server - Target advertisements at categories or rotate ads in any location.
  • Advertisement Placement - Place Google's Adsense ads or any other advertisements anywhere.

Traffic Building Features: (SEO)

  • HTML Generation - Generates SEO Friendly HTML (static) pages. Mod_Rewrite additionally supported.
  • Reciprocal Link Checker - Specifically designed to build & increase web site traffic.
  • Google SiteMaps - Generate a Google SiteMap for your Web Directory.
  • Google Rich Snippets - Let's you highlight ratings and reviews in Google Search Results of listings. (NEW!)
  • Many more...

Social Features:

  • Facebook Like Buttons - Listings can each have a Facebook Like Button. (NEW!)
  • Google +1 Buttons - Listings can each have a Google +1 Button. (NEW!)
  • Facebook Comments - Let's visitors use Facebook to post comments for listings. (NEW!)
  • Facebook Connect - Let's users login with Facebook to submit listings. No registration required. (NEW!)
  • Many more...

Look and Feel Features: (100% Rebrandable)

  • Extremely Customizable - Everything displayed to end users are 100% customizable/rebrandable.
  • Language Friendly - Create a Search Engine & Web Directory in any language.
  • Custom Category Look & Feel - Apply unique look and feel to specific categories with their links.
  • Headers, Footers, Menu's, etc. - Comes with 'Template Include' functionality that act like SSI's.
  • Extra Data Fields - Add extra data fields for addresses, images, file uploads, videos, content, etc.
  • Wysiwyg Editor - Edit PowerSeek templates with a fully functional Wysiwyg Editor. (NEW!)
  • Many more...

Powerful Links & Category Features: (Search Engine & Web Directory Creation)

  • Multilevel Category Hierarchy - Create as many categories & nested categories as you need.
  • Powerful Link Population Features - Comes with a Crawler, Open Directory Project Importer, RSS Importer and Flexible CSV File importer.
  • Powerful Category & Link Management Features - Easily create/edit/move/delete categories and links. Edit/delete/move/copy batches of links or search for links to perform batch operations.
  • Powerful Mailing List Capabilities - Comes with built in mailers with many options to send email to link owners.
  • Accept different types of submissions - Accept standard links, articles, classified links, listings with images, listings without images, videos, links requiring file uploads, etc.
  • Sorting Options - Links can be listed/sorted according to popularity, most number of hits, ratings, votes, alphabetically or from latest to oldest.
  • Category Lists - Use 'Category Includes' to list any categories anywhere in the Web Directory.
  • RSS Feeds - You can provide your visitors with RSS feeds for categories.
  • Many more...

Other Key Features

  • User Registration System - Provides end users with their own control panel (login) to submit new links or modify existing ones. Also let's users manage their account. Facebook Login also supported. (NEW!)
  • Intelligent Searches - Comes with intelligent search facilities for accurate search results. Search¬†keyword reports with graphs are also available.
  • Advanced Searches - Set up specific category searches, price range searches, city searches, product searches in specific cities, city and state searches, etc.
  • Google Maps - Display a Google map on a separate information page for each listing link listing. (NEW!)
  • PowerSeek SQL Mobile Version (Included Free) - A mobile version of PowerSeek also available that enables you to build a mobile version of your Search Engine & Directory. (NEW!)
  • Link Validation - Comes with a built-in link-validator to check for broken links.
  • Popular & New Link Includes - Display most popular or most recent links of specific categories anywhere or on external web pages.
  • Plug-in System - Comes with a large number of plug-ins by default (included with PowerSeek SQL and not available separately). To find out more about these plug-ins and their functions, click here.
  • Many more...

A more detailed overview of features are available here.


Features - Detailed
Listed here are a detailed list of the features and easy to follow explanations of features available with PowerSeek SQL.

Contains a functional online demo of PowerSeek's back-end Admin Panel and it's front end.

Listed here are 'live' sites that has been created with PowerSeek SQL. It will give you a good feel of what PowerSeek SQL can do.

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PowerSeek SQL comes with extensive documentation that explains all features and options in detail and in simple to understand terms.

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