"Turn Your PowerSeek Search Engine into a
Fully-Functional-Pay-Per-Click Search Engine and Generate Income!"

The PPC Plugin enables you to run a fully functional PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Search Engine on-top of PowerSeek. The PPC Module simply plugs into PowerSeek and with some minor adjustments you can start selling clicks and generate income. The PPC module comes with many features to ensure that you can provide your advertisers with only the best.


Provide Your Advertisers with "Value For Money!"

Pay-Per-Click is probably one of the best advertising technologies known on the Internet today. You deliver targeted traffic to your Advertisers and they only pay for the traffic you send them. With this in mind your Advertisers are sure to find your advertising service worth every penny. It is also a fact that targeted traffic is the traffic that brings in sales. This is probably one of the main reasons Pay Per Click has turned into a Billion Dollar Industry.


"Supplement Your Income by incorporating PPC Links from established Pay-Per-Click Search Engines."

In addition to having a fully fledged PPC Search Engine you also have the option of supplementing your existing PPC search results with that from Miva.com and PeakClick.com or both. This feature enables you to "BackFill" all results. What this means is that if you have 3 results from your database (PPC links from your own advertisers) that matched search-keywords  but you wanted 4 PPC results returned then the remaining 1 may be fetched from Miva.com or PeakClick.com. This ensures that you always have targeted PPC links to display that can generate income for you.


Key Features of the PowerSeek PPC Plugin:

  • Highly Customizable Link Displays. Completely template driven so that PPC Link displays and Advertiser Control Panels are fully customizable.
  • Detailed Search Statistics. Search keywords and clicks are logged to provide you with detailed statistics. 
  • Supplement Income by incorporating results from Miva.com and/or PeakClick.com when there is no PPC links to display from the database.
  • Backfill Advertisements. You can also configure advertisements of your own to display when there is no PPC links available for display.
  • Append keywords to backfilled results from Miva.com /PeakClick.com. If you wish to make Miva.com /PeakClick.com searches more relevant you may append words at the end of search keywords.
  • PPC Links Can Be Displayed Anywhere. The display of PPC links is not just limited to PowerSeek search results but can be displayed in any PowerSeek templates or categories. PPC links can also be displayed on any external web pages.
  • Powerful Fraud Prevention Features. Counts only Daily Unique Clicks.
  • User friendly Control Panels.
  • PPC Link Approval. You can choose to manually approve all new PPC links. This means that new PPC links won't be displayed unless you have approved them. (Optional) You can also choose that PPC links need to be approved if they have been edited.  
  • You can specify a minimum bid amount. This will then be the minimum amount any bid can start on.  
  • Minimum Account Balances. You can specify that accounts may not go under a certain amount. (minimum account balance)
  • Configurable Account Opening Balance. If you wish to give new advertisers a head start then you may provide them with an opening balance. This could be permanent or only promotional.
  • Extra Data Fields for User Accounts. You can collect specific information from Advertisers when they register by making use of extra fields to collect extra information.
  • MySQL Based to ensure speed and reliability. 
  • Easy Installation. No need to edit any text files by hand. Should install in under 5 minutes. 

Advertiser Control Panel Demo:
(End User)

This is the control panel that your advertisers will use to add and manage PPC links of their accounts. Click the screen shot of the Advertiser Control Panel below to see a Demo of how the Advertiser Control Panel works. Keep in mind that it is fully customizable to enable you to fully rebrand it to the look and feel of your web site or PowerSeek Search Engine & Directory.



Click Here to Access the Advertiser Control Panel Demo
Use the following details to login:
Username: test
Password: test

You are also welcome to register your own Advertiser account. You can do this by clicking here.Caution: Please do not use your real email address or contact details as it will be displayed publicly to others viewing this demo.


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Advertiser Control Panel Features:

  • Extremely Customizable - The look and feel of the Advertiser Control Panel is 100% customizable via templates or skins. It works in the same manner as the PowerSeek template system and can be customized with your own logo's buttons, colors, layouts, etc. You can give the Advertiser Control Panels a total original look & feel so that you are able to offer your own branded Pay Per Click system to your Advertisers.  
  • Email Activation - Registration includes email activation where Advertisers can only activate their accounts once they have received an email with instructions on activating their accounts. 
  • Amend Account Details - Advertisers can change their passwords and details through the Advertiser Control Panel at any time. They can also edit any of their details supplied when they registered. 
  • Lost password retrieval. 
  • Unlimited PPC Links - Advertisers can add as many PPC links (campaigns) with keywords as they require. There is no limit to the number of keywords or PPC links they may have. 
  • Ease of use - Advertisers can add/edit/delete any PPC links with ease. 
  • Keyword Rankings - Advertisers can change keyword bids. A rank number indicates the ranking of a keyword. A rank of 1 would indicate that the Advertiser's link would be displayed first with the keyword. A rank of 2 would indicate that his/her link would be displayed in the second position and so forth. Increasing the bid amount on a keyword will increase the rank respectively. 
  • PPC Link de-activation - Any PPC link or links may be de-activated so that it is not displayed in search results. It may also be activated at any time. 
  • Bid Availability - Advertisers can search for existing keyword bids to check the current bid amounts on them. 
  • Top 100 Searches - Advertisers can also view the top 100 searches. 
  • Statistical Reports - All PPC links comes with extensive statistical reports. The statistics are recorded in real-time and are available immediately. Statistics includes 'Impressions and Click Through Reports', 'Daily Click Reports' and 'Detailed Click Reports'.
  • Transactional Statistical Reports - Advertisers can view detailed transaction statistics/reports showing all transactions on their accounts. 
  • Many more. See the demos.

Main Admin Control Panel Demo:
(Back End)

The main Admin Panel allows you to manage all aspects of PPC Links, Advertiser Accounts, edit the Advertiser Control Panel Look & Feel and view Statistics. It has been designed to be easy to use and will mostly be self-explanatory. Click the screen shot of the Admin Control Panel below to see a Demo of how the Admin Control Panel works. Note that we have disabled some functions of the Control Panel so that we are able to provide the demo to you in an orderly fashion.

Click Here for the Admin Control Panel Demo


Main Admin Panel Features:

Advertiser Accounts:

  • Advertiser Account Control - Edit, de-activate, delete or log into any Advertiser account with ease from the main control panel.
  • Searching - Search for advertiser accounts. 
  • Built-In Mailer - You can also do mass mailings to advertisers or you can filter advertisers to be mailed according to the balance in their accounts. (greater or less than a certain amount) The PPC Module comes with a built-in-mailer. 


  • Control Amounts - You can easily add or deduct any amounts from Advertiser accounts. 
  • Account Statistics - All transactions are recorded in real-time and you may at any time get detailed account/transaction reports from all your advertisers or any particular advertiser. See the statistics/reports section below for more on the statistics/reports

Link Management:

  • Editing - You can edit any aspects of Advertiser PPC links. 
  • Link Editing - Search/view any Advertiser PPC links and edit any aspects of the PPC links with ease.


  • Impressions & Click Through Report - View detailed statistics of all impressions (keyword searches) and click-through of PPC Links.
  • Detailed Click Reports - Provides the date/time of clicks, keywords, bid-amounts, IP Address, etc. 
  • Daily Click Count Summary Report - Displays the total amount of clicks, impressions and click-through-ratio on a daily basis with total earnings. 
  • Account Report (Daily Summary) - View account payments/deductions summarized and totaled per day. 
  • Account Report (Full) - View all account payments/deductions from a specified date range.

Many other features:
See the Admin Panel Control Panel Demo for more info.


PPC Module Requirements

  • You will require PowerSeek ver 2.4+
  • Note that this PPC Module will not run on Windows based hosts. (Linux or Unix is required)


Licensing Policy

  • If you own more than one license of PowerSeek you may use this module for all copies at no additional cost. (You only need to buy one license)
  • Selling the code for this program without prior written consent from FocalMedia.Net is expressly forbidden. You may not redistribute this program in any shape or form.  
  • You may edit the source code of these scripts for your own purposes.



The PPC Module comes with extensive documentation. The documentation is available here.


Purchase the PowerSeek PPC Module:

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If you don't own PowerSeek then you may order the PPC Module together with PowerSeek here.


Purchase the PowerSeek PPC Module + Installation Service:

Order the PowerSeek PPC module and have us install it for you.

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If you don't own PowerSeek then you may order the PPC Module together with PowerSeek here.


Pre-Sales Questions - Have a Question?

Please contact us for any questions you may have. We will try our best to answer them as quickly as possible.

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