"I was so pleased with your software I thought that I would build a few other directories. Combined with Google Adwords, quality content, these directories can become money machines."
M. Cruz (USA)


"I have found the PowerSeek software best of its kind. Once you get a feel of it, this becomes a very easy program to use. I've been searching all over the web for the last 2 months and more than happy choosing PowerSeek. Look forward in purchasing the next three."
T. Marrapodi (Australia)


"I just wanted to say since the very first day i bought your script, i've had nothing but excellence in service, customer support, and advise. The script itself is a five star script. I have delt with many online companies and i just wanted to take the time to say thanks."
P McDonald (New Zealand)


"This software is awesome. If you ever need any third party confirmation of it's flexibility please do not hesitate to give my e-mail address to any of your prospective customers. Thanks Again"
G. Webster (USA)


"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the PowerSeek script. You have done a great job. The product is excellent and went beyond my expectations. Please feel free to add me to a list of happy customers."
P. Mitchel (USA)


"The deeper I dig and get used to your product, the more it impresses me in it's sheer flexibility and good structure. Its been a looong time since I've used a product thats knocked my socks off. Its worth far more than the price you ask for it!"
R. Gall (United Kingdom)


"I like your products and have purchased some in the past as well. I also have had my customers purchase products from you as well. I run a few servers, host sites. Your software just works. That may seem like a simple statement, but, in this "computer world" it's one of my highest compliments.

Your documentation and implementation of your installations is incredibly easy. You make it simple and fast, some of the best setup scripts I have seen for Linux.

As a programmer, VB, .NET, etc. I realize the work and effort it takes."
M.Brouillette (USA)

"Thank you, thank you for such an amazing quality product; your software has increased our business several-fold."
K. Cleversley (USA)

"You and your team are fantastic! When I look at how the software has progressed over time, I see that every suggestion that I made has been implemented. I am very happy and very impressed. Wish there were more companies out there like yours."
M. Dippel (USA)


"Powerseek is the best directory script out there!"
L. Morariu (USA)


"I have heard great things about your customer service and I can assure you I will also be posting positive comments on review web site sources.   You guys are prompt and you act like regular helpful people not tech god kings....."
S. Winningham (USA)


"Thank you VERY, VERY much for all of your help in getting this installed. This has been one of my BEST software to server installation processes ever. You were kind, polite, patient, persistent and caring throughout the entire process. If there is a place for me to submit a formal recommendation, please let me know. I fully intend to refer this product and service to others, as well as to purchase again for additional applications on other various domains."
J. James (USA)


"Your program is awesome and I thank you very much."
P. Emmerick (USA)


I thought TurboSeek was great until I upgraded to PowerSeek. You guys did it right. It's like the difference of night and day. I think it is great and well worth the cost of upgrade. If I had known just how good it was I would have upgraded a long time ago. Easy to install and upgrade and really packed with great features. Thanks for a job well done.
J. Martin (USA)


"I love your product. It is much better than i expected. Way to go guys."
N. Ishak (USA)


"A very good design and excellent script to work with."
M. Heinrichs (Netherlands)


I think your product is great, probably the best search engine script I have used, and I have been through 5 different scripts and Powerseek is by far the leader.
M. Willson (Australia)


"Powerseek is powerful, customisable and seo friendly. One of the best directory scripts out there."
G. Davies (United Kingdom)


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